Joshua B. Colorado

The Need for Lower College Tuition

We need lower college tuition in order to proceed on to higher education from high school.


The next generation of adults are coming up from high school and want to proceed to get a greater education; there is just one problem: college tuition is so high that the average student has $120,000 in debt. This debt easily dissuades potential students from attending universities and other colleges. College tuition needs to be lowered in order to promote higher college attendance and to ensure that students will not be overcome by student debt.

According to the New York Times, free college is not an option in which it just shifts college costs from the students to the taxpayers, raising taxes by as much as $13.6 Trillion. Such taxes would put the lower class and some of the middle class in debt and create further problems with the economy. Although free college is a good idea, as seen with certain states in Germany and many other European countries, it is too hard to implement here in the U.S. because of our spending on other things, like military and salary for high ranking officials in government. These high ranking officials make way more than needed to live off of, so cutting their pay can help increase budgets to lower college tuition.

Lower college tuition can be achieved quite simply with a small raise in taxes, only about $10 a person, and also by focusing budgets more on education rather than things like marijuana and cigarettes, which take up only a small portion of the budget, but take up enough to make a difference in the costs of college. The young people who are about to graduate high school are counting on the experience of college to help with their future, and they are counting on you to help them achieve their goals.