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College Tuition

College tuition has a become a major problem world-wide. This text is to explain some of those problems and ask what is going to be done to help it.

Dear Future President,

In this essay, I would be focused on the issue involving College Tuition. Many people, including me, believe that college tuition is too high and that is affecting some students education and life. Those people who can't afford those high priced schools, can't get the same good education they need by online or community college. This has become a big problem.

Rising college tuition is affecting students in a very bad way. According to the internet passage, Tuition talk: Side Effects of College Cost, some students go into debt for a very long time or drops out. Some people don’t go to college at all because they don’t want to deal with the pressure of studying to pass the class and worrying about loans and debts for all the stuff they need.I believe that what they're saying that is true. Many people who can't afford a “good” college just settle for just getting a degree from anywhere. I believe that that's a problem. That also because a bigger problem when their trying to find a job after they graduate.

Another way that this becomes a problem is because of student loans. In other words, student loan lenders “own” the students until the debt is paid. For example, there is a cartoon illustration about student loans that interprets that, until the debt is paid, the loaners basically control everything the student does until they have all of their money. That becomes a problem when the student wants to start a family and can't get them the necessary things that they need because you have to pay back the loaner. Everything the student owns and will own will be affected until they get all that you owe them.

Another way is that they are deceiving people. Many people believe that a free college isn't actually free. They say that college isn't really free because it shifts costs from the students to taxpayers and that would strain public budgets. I say that this is also true. People might think that this is the better way because it gets split between all of the citizens in the country but that’s not the case. The money is just adding that same amount to everybody and that makes it worse on everyone else that has to pay taxes. I believe that this would just make everything worse.

In conclusion, I would like to know what you would do about College Tuition. College tuition is a nationwide problem that many want to fix. My point is not that we should make college free, but that we should reduce the price so that less fortunate people can actually have a chance to get as good of a education as anyone else.