Kevin R. Colorado

College Tuition Is Way To High

College tuition is way to high for kids to join good colleges for what they want to go into.

Dear Future President,

      Right now, college tuition is higher than it has been for a long long time.  Kids that want to go into these higher tuition Colleges and don't have the money can't go into the job or the future that they want for themselves.  I right now want to become a Game Warden.  My chosen college is Colorado State University.  I fortunately have the money to pay for the tuition.  That can't be said for quite a few kids.  Just think, If college tuition isn't lowered, some kids of all ages and all talents can't get the job they want or need and are stuck going to a college that doesn't have the right education plan for him or her.  I would very much like to see college tuition lowered because it would take some stress off college students backs and make them be more successful and productive.

     If I were to go to college and not have the money to pay off the debt and tuition, it would put me in a very stressful and tight predicament.  I wouldn't be very careful with classes, I would be worrying about where I would live and how I am to pay the debt off.  It would create an unstable life for me that I personally would hate to be in the middle of.  I am for lowering the tuition rates of colleges to make them more affordable and less stressful.

      Thank you for your time!

                 Kevin R.