Erika I.

Crisis of College Fees

The nation and our country is getting affected because of College fees/coast its leading to many different problems including Empty nest syndrome and many other things.

College Fees / Costs

By: Erika Iglesias

Haven’t you noticed that college fees and costs are affecting families? This is a nationwide problem; it’s affecting almost everyone in the country that is trying to enter college and some people that are already in college want to finish their career, but they can’t. They want to keep on going to college, but the only thing that stops them is the cost. College tuition prices affect families in negative ways, causing them to struggle financially.

Parents may have to give up their free time to have a second job. Sometimes, it makes it hard for the students too because they also have to make sacrifices to make things possible. College is pretty expensive to take classes and besides paying for that, you also have to pay for the textbooks and many other things you need. According to Kristen Tucker, “The average total college student is $17,860 according to College Board statistics at time of publication.” The number rises up to $30,911 for out-of-states students that are attending public universities and its $39,518 for the students that are enrolled in a private university only for four years. I’m barely in 8th grade about to enter high school and I’m already thinking how I’m going to college and how I can help my family so we don’t have to worry that much about the price and I can keep on going and accomplish my dreams and career.

When the child leaves his/her home to go to college the family can struggle to get use to life without their child. The student can get homesickness, and go through depression. According to Kristine Tucker, “Separation is especially tough for parents who experience empty nest syndrome when their children leaves for college.” Separating from each other affects the family most of the time. When my sister left for a month to college I was ok with it at first. I really didn’t mind at all but when we were leaving her I started crying and hugged her as hardest I could and didn't want to let her go, I also told her that I was going to miss her. She was kind of upset and she didn’t want to leave us because she had to sleep in a dorm away from us. Now, that my sister goes to college I really don’t mind because I know she goes for her own good. Besides, she still lives with us but she has to do some sacrifices just like waking early to drive up to Cal State San Marcos.

According to Kristen Tucker, “Many families are eligible for tax deductions and tax credit for tuition and other qualifying academic expenses they paid throughout the year.” “The American opportunity tax credit, lifetime learning credit and tuition and fees deductions are available to primary taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse or a dependent of the taxpayer,” according to the IRS. “The students and parents are only allowed to claim one of these benefits per year. The advice from tax experts or accountants can help families determined on which tax breaks are most advantageous to them,” this is also according to Kristine Tucker. Taxes help families for the most part but if you think about it, it won't be enough for all their years of college.

As you can see, college is pretty harsh. If you the President will at least try to help families get scholarships for their children, then it will be possible for them to complete their career. You could also make college and college utilities free or less expensive for the child to have the opportunity to go to college. The changes that you will do will affect the nation in a positive way and it will affect almost everyone in the country too. You have to do something about this so people can finish their career and have better jobs also have a better economy / place. Families won’t get affected negatively any more they will be affected positively and not make them go through empty nest syndrome or any other things that affects them negatively.This will be a huge impact to the nation wide and country.