Bryan B.

Lower College Costs

College tuition costs need to be lowered so Youth as myself and America can have a better future

Dear Future President,

Many people want to go to college to be successful. Unfortunately, people people across the world are not able to go to college because the tuition is too high. Many people in this country have to put their education on hold because they could not afford to go to college. People want to go to college to be successful. College tuition is so expensive that people can not go to college and those people can not be successful which leads to more poverty in the country. College tuitions need to be lowered across the nation so that more people can be successful.

In ¨President proposes two years of free college for students¨, By Tribune Chicago Bureau, it states that President barack obama plans to make two years of college free. The article also states that the average tuition at a public four year college has went up more than 250 percent. Community colleges in California had to turn away 600,000 students because they could not raise additional revenue through an additional tuition increase. People across the country who want to go to college can not or they are struggling to stay in college it is too expensive. People not being able to go to college because of the cost of college is not fair.

Some states offer a less costly college where you can go to a building and learn for free. In addition to free college, student loans need to be lowered. People who work hard to go to college and end up getting a scholarship are stuck paying expensive loans even though they went to college for free. It’s unfair that people who get a college scholarship still have to pay to get a degree. Dear next president, please take this letter into consideration. College costs desperately need to be lowered.


Bryan Byrd