Victoria C. Texas

College Tuition Prices

Everyone has the right to go to a great college and have it be affordable.

November 3, 2016

Dear President of The United States,

My name is Victoria C. and I am a freshman at Keller High School located in Keller, Texas. I only have about three and a half years until I plan to go to college, and my hope is to attend all four years of a great school, and have it be affordable.

I have been told, that college is what sets you up for life. Your degree determines what jobs you can get, and how much money you make doing them. Today, when people think about college it seems that the focus is less on what you can achieve educationally, and more on what you can afford financially. Most citizens can not afford to go to their dream schools even with the help of scholarships or other financial assistance so, many students take out loans which can add up big time. Those loans take extremely long to pay off and, can set someone up to be in debt for a good part of their life. If more colleges were affordable, many people would be able to continue their education and graduate with the smallest amount of debt. In order to give our nation the brightest future possible, the youth needs to be fully educated so that they go on to do exceptional things.

In conclusion, as our next president, please address this serious issue about the cost of education for college students. One solution would be finding a way of lower tuition costs that would let students, even those with no financial aid, get a higher education than a high school diploma. I trust you will work to find a solution to help incoming college students. Like me, they’re just students today, but they will be the bright lights in our future tomorrow.


Victoria C.

Student, KHS