Zachary B. Texas

Why should we stop pollution?

Animals all over the world are dying because of our pollution. We need to stop this!

                                                                                                                                          November 8, 2016

Dear Future President,                                                                   

   I need to inform you that many animals like the green sea turtle are becoming extinct because of the world's pollution. Our pollution. Do you really want valuable animals dying on your hands? This is one of many reasons why we need to have mandatory recycling to end pollution once and for all.

   The topic known as global warming is caused by the amount of steam and pollution in the air, thus melting the polar ice caps. This process is gradually making the world warmer. Studies done by scientists have shown that the average human can not survive out of the normal temperature range. Even though global warming takes hundreds of years, and most people may “say I don’t need to worry about that”, you still need to contribute, after all, it is our world. What about future generations? At the rate this is going, there won’t be an Earth left for them to inherit! What will happen to them? Global warming can also destroy most of the habitats up North that animals like seals and penguins live in. Several years from now, people might not even know what a seal is. Fortunately, you can be the one to change that.

   Air pollution and water pollution as you may know, is very bad for the environment. Because of pollution, 40,000 people in the UK have died according to a report by PubMed on pollution. It can also destroy animal habitats, it can cause many endangered animals to become extinct, and it can be bad for the environment overall. In the past few centuries, over eleven animal species have gone extinct thanks to pollution including the sea mink, the Tasmanian tiger, and the passenger pigeon. Who's to say that pollution won’t stop. We might not have any animals left in a few years. But recycling can save all this. Recycling can save animals lives and can clear pollution. Because of most people who chose not recycle, more and more trees are being cut down to make more industrial products. And less trees means more pollution.

    Recycling can also save lots of money. Its way better for the economy because with more people purchasing recycling products there will be a higher demand in most stores for those products. Goods made from recycled products use less water, creates less pollution and saves more energy. This makes it easier for the economy. The Texas Natural Resources Conservation Convention says that colonies in Puerto Rico who recycled added 18.5 billion dollars in value in 1995. Now you may be thinking, if recycling saves so much money AND is better for the environment then why doesn’t everyone just recycle? Most people are just plain lazy and they don’t want to change. Other people say that their participation wouldn’t change anything. But if everyone says that, who will be the one to change?

    So as a citizen of the United states, I strongly encourage you to take action and to be the one to change. Animals all over the world are dying because of pollution. Without you to change, will we even have animals years from now? That's a choice you have to decide. You can be the one to lead our country out of darkness and into the new light. Do you really want our world, our people suffering? If you take my plan, I can see a new and bright future ahead of our country. If you want to stop this, the only way is to take action.




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