JT A. Texas

We Need Our Next Generation In School!

Without an educated next generation, the economy, criminal, and employment rates could all crash and burn.

Dear Mrs. or Mr. President,

We need our next generation in school! Dropout rates have improved some, but we need the graduation rate to get to 100% for a truly successful next generation. In high school, students learn valuable skills that will help them in the work force. A law to help prevent dropouts will help our future. High school dropouts commit about 75% of crimes. This might be because they make less money, and are more desperate.

The pay for dropouts is bad. They make an average of 200,000 dollars less than high school graduates, and 1 million dollars less than college graduates in their lifetime. Dropouts are also much more likely to become unemployed. High school dropouts also pay an average of 60,000 dollars less than high school grads in taxes. High school dropouts are bad for the economy and cost taxpayers money.

High school dropouts commit about 75% of crimes in the United States. This may be because they make less money, and are more desperate. I think that school also gives teens something good to do, and keeps kids from doing bad.

There are ways to prevent dropouts, but I think that a law could help. Parent involvement can really help potential dropouts stay in school. Kids with low academic scores are more likely to drop out, so it grades get low, a teacher intervening can make the difference. Small schools are better than large schools, because in large schools, students can feel lost.

40% of students are chronically disengaged from school. Students who are disengaged are less likely to put any work into school, which could lead to potential dropouts. Motivation can be encouraged or discouraged at a young age. Parents can be instrumental in helping kids stay in school. Rewarding good grades and other accomplishments can keep students engaged because they care more. Even if a disengaged dropout gets a job after high school, he or she will not be successful in the workplace, because if someone is disengaged from school, that person will be disengaged from their job. If you don’t care about your job, then you will quickly be out of your job.

Some high schoolers may say that they don’t learn anything in high school, or that they just don’t think it matters. Well they are wrong. Even if you think that you could get more out of dropping out and getting a job (no matter how low paying it is) right away, sticking it out in high school will for one look a lot better when you are applying for a job, and two teach you valuable skills for the workforce.

We need our next generation in school, there is no debating it. Without an educated next gen, we won’t have a competent, educated workforce who improves the economy. With a stronger national effort to reduce the dropout rate, hopefully when we ask someone what their profession is won’t simply say, “I’m a highschool dropout.”


JT Ahmann