Grant Texas

Legalize Marijuana

Why you should legalize Marijuana

Dear Mr/Mrs President

Repeal laws making marijuana illegal a couple reasons for this is Marijuana can treat many illnesses the second is too many people and kids are being hospitalized because marijuana and too many people are being charged and arrested for marijuana . The legalization Marijuana is very important but it's not without its faults but I believe that's a risk we could take but we would have to approach it carefully and with restrictions and moderation.

If we legalized marijuana it could help more than just people with cancer. It could help with PTSD and multiple sclerosis, arthritis, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV, chronic pain, Alzheimer's.But these people should be prescribed a certain dose and regularly have check ups with doctors to make sure that they still need the prescriptions.By doing this it opens a whole new oppurtunity for medical science and health care.(

Many people state that marijuana is as effective as alcohol when driving and yes at some doses it does affect your psychomotor performance. At a normal dose Marijuana makes the driver more cautious but that does not mean it is safe to drive. Because everybody's intake on the effect of marijuana varies . That is why we need rules for smoking while driving to lower the amount of crashes and charges for marijuana because in 2014 700,993 people were arrested due to marijuana related issues if we could prevent that it would also lead to less people charged.(

Since legalization of marijuana in Colorado has led to double the amount of kids ten or younger in the hospital a third of those children need intensive care. The safest way to stop this from happening in the case of legalization of marijuana is to have a permit or a prescription from a doctor to purchase it. This would help decline the hospital visits by restricting people under age smoking or doing marijuana. (

Congratulations on becoming the President and I hope you think into the legalization of marijuana. Because it's more than just a drug it could save lives and it could harm some. But we could approach it with caution and it would be a risk taking.

Thank you

Grant H

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