Mia R. Colorado

Abortions role in women's physical and mental health

Dear president, Abortion is one of those things many people don't like talking about, but sadly it's a big issue. Abortions are a matter of choice and it depends on what kind of situation the family and the woman carrying the fetus is in. For instance, if a female gets pregnant at a young age or at any age when they cannot financially support a child, let alone themselves, they should be able to have a safe legal option to go to have an abortion if that is their choice. Although I'm pro choice, I also believe that there should be some restrictions before being able to get an abortion. For example, they should have to try every other option there is, like adoption or consider being a parent . Also, if a woman has been raped and they get pregnant, they should be able to have a safe and legal option to take. After the tragedy they shouldn't be reminded of the pain and terror they went through during their experience. 1.2 million women have abortions every year, some of the most common reasons are birth control failure. A couple or two people have unprotected sex or use the contraceptive incorrectly and the female gets pregnant. 10 -15 % of women get pregnant when using contraceptives wrong. They find out their child has a birth defect ,the woman is involved in rape or incest, and if there is a danger to the mother. Abortion shouldn't be used as a more effective kind of birth control. It's should be legal and safe instead of illegal and dangerous. Making abortion illegal doesn't make it stop, In fact 37 out of 1000 women have abortions when it's unsafe. 34 out of 1000 women have a safe and legal abortion. 56% of people think that abortion should be legal and safe. Taking it away just causes more problems such as depression in the female of rape or incest that leads to suicides. If taken away women will start to have these things called self -induced abortions also known as “coat hanger abortions” this is when a woman takes a coat hanger hoping to get it into her uterus, although the coat hanger is small enough it is very sharp not tapered so it can severely damage her cervix or any area in the vagina. When done wrong the female will penetrate through the cervix and she will bleed to death before she gets proper care. 90% of women died due to illegal abortions, most of them were poor women who couldn't afford a safe abortion. There were 1.2million illegal abortions in the 1950s. Just imagine how much higher that number would be today without safe abortions. We should have a place where women can go doesn't matter the age, race or the wealthiness. We can make abortions safe for everyone and bring down the terrifying numbers today. Sincerely, Mia Robertson