Shania Shields New York

Should The Government Have The Right To Make a Decision about Planned Parenthood?

There is a great deal of controversy between the political parties in America over who should be the next president. Through this controversy, many topics arise such as the issue of Abortion/Planned Parenthood Funding. Citizens have the right to privacy and the President of the United States should be able to protect that essential right, regardless of their opinion.

Dear President,

        I would like to congratulate you on your newly acquired position. Being the President of the United States should not be defined as a challenge. It should be an honor, which is why I am writing to you in detail to give you insight regarding my opinion on the specific issue of abortion and Planned Parenthood funding. The issue regarding abortion and Planned Parenthood funding should not be forced upon anyone. Every woman has the right to make a decision that will be best for them and their family. I am not saying that pro-life is wrong; I am simply saying that everyone is entitled to make their own decisions, especially for personal situations in which the government should not be involved . Therefore, the government should continue to fund Planned Parenthood because I think it is a great way to get young women back on their feet, educate them about pregnancy. and how to prevent it.  Many students do not have the opportunity to get a sex-ed class in school.  Personally, I did not have one. I had to learn about it from my mother, which became a very uncomfortable situation.  By providing Planned Parenthood with the funding it needs, this organization would be able to provide classes to all students in public schools. Because of Planned Parenthood, the youth will have somewhere to go when they want to ask questions about issues of sex. 

        I hope you take this into consideration and empathize with women who have experienced the negatives of funding cuts to Planned Parenthood.  During your four year term, I hope that you will respect everyone's decision and continue to spread peace and ensure all Americans' ability to choose.


Shania Shields 

Repertory Company High School

Period 4

Letters to our Future President

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