Maraya M. Colorado

Marijuana Use

Marijuana in Colorado has been legalized for medical uses, but many people are abusing this and are able to purchase this drug and use it for purposes that are non-beneficial. I strongly believe that laws need to become stricter on this drug and be harder for people to be able to get because it's creating a real problem in Colorado and throughout the nation for many people.

Dear Future President,

In Colorado there is a very big issue involving Marijuana. Some may even know it as “pot” or “weed”. The law in Colorado is that if you are 21 years of age or older, you can possess 1 ounce of marijuana in the state of Colorado. You do not need to live in Colorado to purchase this. The law that changed in June of 2016 is that tourists and residents in Colorado are able to purchase 28 grams in a single transaction. "Marijuana Laws in Colorado." Colorado Pot Guide. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Nov. 2016.” Within these laws, there are very many issues because there are many grey areas. These laws don't specify how often this drug can be purchased and so many purchasers buy this multiple times a week or even every day. This most recent law that was passed in Colorado is a very big issue because these laws aren't being followed and it can potentially be very dangerous to the people who posses it. Many different people of many different ages are able to get this drug and purchase much more than they should or are suppose to. Yes, there are many people who use this drug for medical uses, but beyond that, there are many who use it for the wrong reasons and at a very unhealthy rate. I strongly believe that there is an issue with this drug and that it needs to be contained and stronger laws need to be placed to prevent this drug from affecting more and more lives throughout Colorado and throughout the nation.

Many users of marijuana do not use it for it’s medical uses, but for reasons that have no beneficial purpose to their body. A lot of the problems that are associated with this drug involve mostly the youngest age groups, which can be anywhere from the ages of 12 to 17. Many of these users are experiencing significant problems involving the use of marijuana. A very common issue that is being experienced among these ages and other ages is the loss of control over the use of this drug. Many youth are experimenting with this drug and many continue to use it. The question is, why are so many young American teenagers using this drug so much and why is the use of it increasing? This is because in American culture, this drug is being glamorized and society is making it look “good” to its audience. These teens just want to be involved with what is “in” and what everyone else is doing around them. The other question is, how are these teens able to purchase this drug if they are not 21 years of age? Many teenagers say that if they wanted to purchase the drug, they know exactly where to go and who to go to. Many of these teens also know of students in their schools or in their community who sell it. This is making it that much easier for them to buy this drug and even buy amounts of it that is not legal by any means, especially at the age they are buying it at. Many teens that are not yet 21 are able to purchase this drug very easily from people that they know and it can be very dangerous for them because it's being used for all the wrong reasons among these age groups. Stricter laws need to be placed to protect these youth and prevent them from being able to buy a drug so easily and use it for whatever purposes they want. Right now they don't see it hurting them but they aren't aware of how much this can affect them and their lives, both now and later on.

In Colorado and throughout the nation, this law that gives people the right to purchase marijuana has been legalized. Since before the 2000s this drug has been as issue, but throughout the years it has become more and more of a problem. Many citizens of Colorado and the United States use this drug. Although it is sold for medical uses, behind the doors of many people, this drug is used for much more than that. It has become an addicting drug that many people, including those were aren't of age, are using. This is affecting both adults and the youth of this state. Teens that are this young should not be able to get ahold of this drug so easily and be able to use such an excessive amount of it as they please. Marijuana can be a very dangerous drug especially at the rate it is being used. New laws need to be placed involving it. These laws can protect more people from having these same addictions and it should not be able to be purchased as easily as it has been. If stricter laws are placed for marijuana use, it can protect and even prevent more people from being exposed to this drug and letting it affect their lives forever. I urge you to make this issue a priority. This will affect many people and at a very young age. By acting on this as soon as possible, many lives can be saved and health will be affected greatly.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Maraya