Grace S. Colorado

College Tuition

All people should have the right to attend college at a low cost because they are capable of learning something new every single day.

Dear Madame/Mr. President,

         College tuition today is said to be increasing rapidly and this is alarming. I know that a lot of students want to go to college when they graduate, but that they also worry for the cost and the possible debt that might be placed upon them. I know that it can affect, not only the person's academic career, but also their life for an even longer period of time, years after their education has been completed.

       My question for you is," What are you planning to do about this?" I want to become a veterinarian when I grow up and that takes about eight years of college, including prerequisites and veterinary school. It will cost a great amount of money to do something like this. I'm not only thinking about myself, but also the other people with similar desires- veterinary medicine, health, biology, etc. What I'm thinking would be incredible would be if we had a program throughout  the US where money is donated to students who wish to attend college and qualify for it. I think that all people deserve the right to learn freely and that if there is a cost put on it, it should be minimal. If someone is willing to learn something, it shouldn't be the cost that is holding them back. Think about our country today. There are a lot of kids my age that are up to no good and couldn't care less about their education. They stick to crimes and bad decisions. When there are kids that actually take the responsibility and ownership, kids that have the initiative to get up every morning and decide to work their hardest at school, people look to that with astonishment. In reality, the people not caring and just attending school because they have to are not going to make a difference. It is the kid that works hard every day and expects nothing less from themselves at the end of that day. These are the kids that deserve to be privileged and attend college.

        On the other hand, kids who don't know any better should also be given the opportunity to attend a college. Maybe then, they'll finally understand what they want in life and how important an education can be later when they have families of their own and can barely afford to buy a meal. All people have the capacity and are physically capable of learning and they should be granted that opportunity because if they can, then why not? It could make our country something great.

       Thank you for your consideration of my letter.