N. J. Balthazor Wisconsin

Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana could be used to help patients in pain all around the United States, if we legalized the use of it.

Dear Future President,

Marijuana is thought to have made a large indentation in our country's reputation, but that is not correct. It doesn’t actually have a high chance of abuse with our citizens. Marijuana used for medical uses can be extremely helpful as well. Marijuana should be legalized and given to patients in order to help them with their certain problems or illnesses.

How would you feel if your parents both contracted a form of cancer? Medical marijuana could be used to ease their pain. My mother had breast cancer, but it was removed before it affected her too much. Though to think of the pain that she had to go through just to get rid of it is unimaginable. My father has had lung cancer twice; consequently, he only has one-third of his right lung and one-half of his left. Scars litter his body, but he perseveres. Stairs are a challenge, but he still works out every day. If marijuana could have been used to take away the pain of their cancer, and their surgeries, I believe they wouldn't be suffering so much as a result. Sure, marijuana could be used to get high, but it can also further the effectiveness of medical treatment.

Most people in the United States believe that legalized, medical marijuana could be a huge benefit in the medical department. In a survey done by the Pew Research Center, seventy-three percent of Americans said that they were for this development. The proportions of people that agree on this issue have risen in the past two decades. Legalization is huge in both the Democratic and the Independent parties while it is evenly divided in the Republicans’. Only forty-five percent of our citizens are slightly concerned as to the forty-six percent that are not worried at all. Plus, fifty-percent of the opposers who have not seen the results of marijuana given by doctors in some states are more likely to say no. If people saw how marijuana could help patients in need, I’m positive their reluctance would diminish, if not vanish completely.

Medical marijuana is a huge help in hospitals and with doctors treating all different kinds of illnesses. Sometimes marijuana is the only solution in tight situations. Marijuana is proven to be able to reduce eye pressure, glaucoma patients; control nausea, cancer therapy; reduce muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, para-, and quadriplegic patients; anorexia, AIDs; and vomiting, harsh drugs. Physicians should have the right to be able to give patients this medicine while not having to worry for their jobs and licenses. Marijuana is less toxic than most approved drugs, and it is not given a negative reaction when the patient, and their relatives, are given the choice to use this drug.

People are in pain everywhere around the nation. This is a simple way we could help these people. Wouldn’t you allow your doctor to give you, your parents, your children, your cousins, any of your relatives, marijuana in order to save them the pain that comes with their illness? How could you refuse the chance to continue living, make their fight a little easier?


N. J. Balthazor