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Police Training funding is Inedaquate

Give Money and Better Money Regulation To Our Police For Better Training

Logan Young

Mrs. Margulies

8th English


Mr or Mrs President(due to the time of the essay), Police Officers are an important part of our society. They enforce laws, arrest criminals, and keep the peace in times of crisis, but recently our trust in the police force has faltered. Police are being seen as racists, and inadequate, because of one single problem, The amount of money and regulation in funding police training has dropped. This has led to an increase in police shooting for the wrong reasons, the general public hating the police force, and severe rioting. The training gap is what is causing all the turmoil between citizens and Police departments. So the answer is simple, give to training funds for police officers, and help them get the training they need to be confident in tense situations, tell them we care for their well being, and help get the streets safe.

To much of the money used for training is used on equipment, and pay salaries and much of the training received by police is training towards lethal situations only. Due to this kind of training, most police elevate situations to a lethal level, simply because they have training that caters to a lethal situation. Andrew Peralta, president of the National Latino Peace Officers Association, said that as budgets have been cut, training has dwindled to focus only on the life or death self-defense skills police might need in direst scenarios. 16% of police deaths are due to lack of training for a given situations that are of high danger, higher than the average training. Better training would give police more confidence, to answer more calls and answer them correctly, as well as keep them alive. So Please, Mr or Mrs President, give federal money and create regulation on what training is funded.

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