Gioviane G. New Jersey

Police Body Cams

My letter is about police should be wearing body cams and how it should have been a thing from the beginning to reduce police brutality

Dear president,

Everywhere I go I would like to think that the police are there to protect us right. Well more and more I'm seeing on social media and the news about police taking us down little by little and get away with it. And thats it im just saying they're using to much of their power.

This topic

is a big topic where it also connects to police brutality but i can back myself up and others on this according to this website there is a grapgh that people agreeing/dessagreeing that police should where body cams. 89 percent agree that police should wear body cams. That 30% i added on the 35%where the the people that somewhat support it This just shows that it's crazy that's a lot of people agreeing to this.

There are videos showing police doing the things I said using unnecessary force on people who don't deserve I would agree with the cop if the guy was causing trouble for example hurting someone but the fact that he wasn't just means that did that person deserve it.

I know you may think that may cost a lot of money but tell me this if I'm worng but the government has spent money on things that we don't really need. And it may cause controversy with the police. But is it really about the police right no I don't think so.

It's so that I had a personal problem with this but that's not the case I'm also worried about my people. I want to see them safe not being harmed from cops the people who should be the Heros! I respect that bage but only they use there Power how it's supposed to be used.

โ€œAll in all the world is pretty messed up its reality but I would rather live the day where everyone was just chill about what is going on.โ€

From a fellow citizen,


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