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Misunderstanding of Police

Police get a bad reputation because of the media. They put a video for example and make the cop look bad and people think that's all cops are -bad. Just because they wear the same uniform that was seen on the news with a stupid headline doesn't make the next police officer a bad one.

Dear Mr.President,

Police are the protection for the threats in the city, county, and state. If something goes wrong, the police are there to risk their lives and stop it. Police get characterized as bad people and at times racist because of the actions of a few bad officers. The media isn’t helping; they are only out to get a story that is entertaining and will get the best reaction. Not all cops are bad but the ones who are do not deserve to be a Police Officer.

For example there are two videos of a police dashcam one of which you see a cop shoot a black male for no reason. The other video is a different perspective on the other officer’s car, and it shows that same guy with the gun shooting at the cop, but they don’t shoot him. They could’ve fired when he aimed the gun at the officer, but the officer did not shoot until the guy tried to run and turned around and attempted to shoot the officer. So just remember when you see another video, you were not there. You were not trained. You were not in the high tense adrenaline rush. Can you please do something before people end up rioting and hurting an innocent person or even an innocent officer who is serving and protecting? Our police officers are all we have to protect us from those who try to harm citizens. Thank you and congratulations on being elected.




Troy High School

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