David Z. Texas


Illegal Immigrants need to be deported out of USA and go home

Imagine a world where anyone can go to any country whenever they wish.Then the population in some countries will be underpopulated and some will overpopulated. Illegal immigrants been coming to our country and been never sent home. Your policies should sent them home due to our high unemployment rate, we are taking in people who get arrested, and they hurt the economy because they never pay taxes.

We have a high unemployment rate. “44 million Americans are on food stamps. 47 million Americans are living in poverty. We just can’t take in a whole lot of extra workers right now.”(infowars.com). We need to act very soon before more americans and legal immigrants are unemployed then the illegal immigrants. Millions of americans are in poverty because they do not have jobs for the people because illegal immigrants been taking all of them like McDonald's, Burger King, and Whataburger. So what do you do, send them home and let them come back legally. “They need to make them do things the right way. Spend the thousands of dollars to file that paperwork properly. Make sure all the criteria is met. Put them through the ringer like they do anyone else who applies for Residence in the United States”(cnn.com). Then they are welcome to the United States.

The fact is, we do not want criminals in our country. “A Government Accountability Office study of 55,000 illegal aliens found that they were arrested at least 459,614 times, averaging about eight arrests per alien. About one-quarter of them had 11 or more arrests”(newsmax.com). We have are own criminals and now we don’t want anyone who got arrested. Not even from our own country. With the illegal immigrants,we get at least 55,000 more people who got arrested. That is at least, imagine how many more people that got arrested how many times. We have 11 million immigrants recorded illegal and there are probably more of them.

 They also hurt the economy because they never pay taxes. “People believe that illegal immigration hurts the U.S. economy because it introduces an unregulated group of workers that are often underpaid, rarely reported for tax purposes”(law dictionary.com). We have given them jobs and they never pay. Who would not find this as a problem. They can’t just come here freely and not pay taxes to the government, then it hurts the economy badly, well are economy is not that great but with the fact that illegal immigrants never pay taxes will make things worse than before. Your policies should at least fix this issue because it hurts america.

  Now imagine a world where laws were enforced 100%, people can’t just go to any country they wish to go illegally, everyone moved legally into another country instead of illegally, and all the illegal immigrants were sent home and then the good one’s come back legally. How does that sound, future president, would you want that or would you want what we are in right now. I ask you do that when you get elected because we have a high unemployment rate, we are taking people who get arrested and they hurt the economy because they never pay taxes.