Andrew Texas

Wage gap

I write about how wage gap is a serious problem affecting millions of Americans in the United states and how we can change it.

Dear President

America, the land opportunity, where anyone with a dream and a belief that anything is possible can change the world. We as a country believe that everyone is created equal, no matter gender, race or beliefs. Although we believe everyone is created equal, that belief is not always shown in today’s workplace. Wage gap is no laughing matter and should be regulated throughout all American businesses and companies.

If everyone is equal way do we have fellow Americans getting paid less for the same job. The average women makes 8% less than their male co-workers in the same job in America, this situation is not black and white, or is it? The pew research center stated that African American's make 27% less than their white co-workers, and Hispanics earn 31% less than their white co-workers, so endless you're a white male chances are you're working the same job for less money. Sure isn’t sounding like every American is equal now, is it? Question is, how do we regulate the wage gap while also letting business owners decide how much they pay their employees? I say we have businesses release a list of all their employees salaries to legislative branch to review and to make sure that the salaries for the same jobs don’t make more than a 3% difference. How do we enforce this plan? If businesses are found changing their lists or having a wage gap bigger than 3%, they will be fined large amounts and be forced to change immediately.

America is one of the few countries in the world that believes everyone is equal and special in their own unique way which makes us the best country in the world. Since we are such a great country, we should not have such a silly thing as wage gap weigh so many American citizens down. Let's abolish wage gap and make it so every American citizen has equal right and equal pay

Sincerely, Andrew .F