Hanna A. Wisconsin

A War on Law Enforcement

Recently, the United States has been in controversy over the actions of police officers around the nation. The actions of a few people cannot constitute the actions of a whole group.

Dear Future  President, 

The United States prides itself on being a nation of unity. However, recently there has been great controversy over the actions of one specific group of people: police officers. It seems as though all issues with police brutality center around the big problem of racial discrimination. I agree that this is a real problem. A country that prides itself on having equal opportunities for everyone should not be experiencing problems like this. Police brutality is a real problem, but a few incidents should not define the entire law enforcement population. Efforts should be made to end police brutality, but it must be kept in mind that not all police officers are guilty of this cruelty. 

Most issues of "police brutality" happen out of self defense. The officer feels threatened and they do what they trained to do in order to protect themselves and the innocent people around them. Data from the Gun Violence Archive published on the Washington Post shows that about 385 shootings are in the hands of law enforcement. However, of these deaths, 87 percent were determined to be an act of self defense. All but 49 victims were armed with a weapon or were thought to have one in their possession (Cruz). They also found that the number of white victims outweighed the number of other racial groups by almost a two to one ratio. Therefore, although police brutality and racial discrimination are a problem in this country, it is important that not all of the police community are treated like a corrupt organization.

I pride myself in having a strong relationship with the law enforcement of my community. I live in a very friendly and welcoming community. I know many of the police officers personally. I am confident that our local officers are committed to fair practice and self improvement. I feel that my community does a fair job in offering everyone an equal opportunity. I do not think that it is fair to see the law enforcement in my city go through the antagonism that is being experienced throughout the nation. The actions of a few individuals do not represent the actions of a greater population. 

Therefore, Mr./Mrs. President, I urge you to think about law enforcement when you come into office. Do not let generalizations control your thoughts about certain groups of people. Do not fail to see the good in people when we are surrounded by so much evil. You have the power to stop this hate. Use it.

Yours Truly,

Hanna A. 

Sun Prairie High School

Ap Lang and Comp 4

Advanced Placement Language and Composition students.

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