Torrin California

Police Brutality

Many americans have been wounded and killed due to police brutality, they do not have an actual excuse to why they had right to do this action

Dear Future President,

Somehow, it is ok for a police officer to pull a firearm on an innocent victim, they always have an excuse to why they shot a victim. For the past years, over 3,500 Americans have been fatally wounded or killed due to police brutality, 992 civilians have been killed this year. Police brutality is a big issue that has to change.

Police have been targeting civilians such as Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton, Alton Sterling, or Philando Castile. Police give an excuse to why they had the right to do it such as ”he threatened to kill me.” or “ He had a weapon in his pocket.” This issue has been affecting many Americans and me, I’m worried for my family, no one should be afraid of cops, they are supposed to protect us.

We could stop this situation from growing and getting out of hand. If we attach a camera onto a police uniform so we could have footage and evidence to what happened in a crime, police also wouldn’t be able to give excuses since we have evidence of them during the crime. Police can use other weapons to stop a criminal from escaping such as a taser or baton rather than a police officer pulling out a gun and firing the weapon directly at the victim or criminal.

In conclusion, police brutality is a serious issue that has me concerned for my family and others and has been wounding others. Many Americans have been wounded and killed by the police, this issue has to stop!