Chandler M. Texas

Games Don't cause violence

Let's end this 25 year argument

People are saying that violent games cause violence. I think that games don’t cause violence, I think that because of two reasons, anyone can tell the difference between the real world and the gaming world and it wouldn’t ever happen unless a kid’s parents let it happen.

The details behind the first reason are that no one would really expect a redo or a back button in real life, and a simple game can’t influence someone to a life of crime. The details of the second reason are that a kid can’t buy a game without permission, so it would be the parents fault if something goes wrong, for example: if the kid is influenced by a violent game, then think of who bought the game, it’s their fault.

Although few deaths have been caused by aggression from losing a game, most are crimes which the criminal blamed violent games or movies they saw as a kid. And kids have committed suicide from the game's background music or the thought of having extra lives, but that is very rare and hasn’t happened in a long while. Plus a little fun fact, the most violent people in history were before video games even existed, so what that means is people can relieve stress and anger by playing games.

Basicly what I’m saying is that this argument has gone on for 25 years, it’s time to wrap this up by saying, video games don’t cause violence. But just in case people disagree, there could be a law that games that have the slightest bit of violent or inappropriate content will have a loading screen that tells people that all the actions in the game are done by fictional characters, and you should never repeat any dangerous action done in this game. Or it could say something else, that was just a suggestion.

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