Keren M. California


About 3.2 million kids are victims of bullying. We can help them by stepping up for them.

Dear Future President,

Please focus on the teenagers in this generation. Teenagers are being bullied so much to the point that they consider suicide. Suicide a very big problem. Families hearts get broken, and friends feel like they could’ve stop their friend from doing it. I can’t say that I know how it feels to have a friend or family die because of this issue. All that I can say is that i was a victim of being bullied. And one thing for sure is that it’s very hard to get back up and feel proud of yourself.

In elementary school I was left out a lot. I would be bullied by the girls who I thought were my friends. I had no help, my parents didn’t understand what I was going through. My brother was entering middle school, and my parents wanted him to go to a certain school. We moved which meant I didn’t confront the girls who bullied me. My new what so much better, and I was free from the pain I lived everyday. Then I entered middle school, and the same girls who bullied me were there. They had asked me to forgive them, and I did. I learned how to forgive and i forgave them. It was hard for me to just act as if everything was alright, but we’re human, we make mistakes.

Future President, I have realized how bullying can affect a person for years. I know i’m not the only one, but I ask if you can do anything in your power to stop bullying and suicide. I ask if you can help that boy or girl who goes home crying after school because of what a terrible day it has been for them. Let there be a community program or allowing schools to have programs about bullying. A place where victims of bullying can express themselves, and where everyone can get along as a community instead of growing apart from each other.

Please give victims of bullying a reason why to wake up every morning.

Sincerely, Keren Martinez