Chadwick M. California

Why Children should play sports because of Obesity and Exercise

Children should play sports because children they need the exercise and they need to loose weight.

Dear future president,

      Children that are obese and need exercise should try sports. Most children that do not play sports are a little over weight. Many children that do not most likely use screens a lot and sit on the coach. More children that are obese and don't play sports should play sports.

      Obesity effects children that are mostly teens. One person i know does not play sports and plays video games. This child in not a very active person. More people that are not active have a better change of being obese. More people that sit on the coach and eat a lot have an easier change of being obese. Children that play sports have a 40% change less of being obese. Children that play multiple sports have a less change of being over weight.

     Obesity rates would plunge 26% and the prevalence of overweight adolescents would fall 11% if you play on two sports teams a year. If you play on two different sports teams in a year you have a better change of not being obese. In 2008, 30.2% of youth ages 6 to 12 were active to a healthy level through sports, More children started to play sports and they lost weight. Among 13 to 17 year old, the rate fell from 42.7% to 39.3%. The rate of children of theses ages stopped playing sports.

    Exercise benefits every part of your body and the mind. Exercise helps your body develop, have muscles growth, and to reduce fat in your body. Exercise helps people lose weight and lower your risk of getting some diseases. Exercise can help lose fat and prevent having diseases. Exercise can also help you age well. It can help you stay fit and look young.

    Children that are obese should play sports. More children that do not play sports and are obese should play sports. It is really important that for children to play sports so they can lose weight and get exercise. Future president, what i want you to know is children should play sports or at least try sports because it is exercise and the children can also lose weight.     


                                                                     Chadwick M.

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