Soha L. California

Water Protectors: NO DAPL

Sacred water of the Sioux Tribe

Dear Mr. or Ms. Future President, 

I am a high school senior who is deeply invested in social justice and interested in politics. This current election has had my head spinning because I feel as though neither of the two party candidates speak out to issues that truly concern me. 

One of these major issues includes: The construction of the North Dakota Pipeline on sacred Native American land. The 1,172 mile pipeline's planed construction has created extreme violence between law enforcement and the Sioux people. Police have arrested 141 protesters, used riot gear, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and sound cannons against people simply wanting to protect their water, environment, and sacred land. It is unjust to potentially poison the water of thousands of people especially of whose land is legally theirs in an 1851 treaty made with the US government. 

By not taking an opposing position on the pipeline (presidential candidates and Obama), you are all neglecting Native American rights that are being completely violated. By endorsing Dakota Access, your priorities become quite clear. We the people, have the right to peacefully protest and this right is currently not being given to the Sioux tribe. Native Lives Matter. If you want my vote, protect our water. Protect our people and our land. 



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