Chris W. California

Take Control of Our Economy

Bring the production back to America and decrease our dependence on China to get rid of the National Debt.

Dear Next President,

I am a San Marino High School senior writing to you about my concern with the American economy and how reliant our economy is on China. Since China has become the center for factories and industrialization, the American economy has been tied to her economy. Most American companies have seeked to increase their profits. One way that they make a profit is to decease their production costs. Since the people in America have to be paid the minimum wage, which ranges from $10-15 across the country, companies know that they will need to pay their more to maintain their production. By moving to China and other places in the world, companies can cut costs and increase their profits by utilizing China's many people and their need for more industrialization. The people in China do not need as much pay and there is no minimum wage, so people in factories usually work 12 hours a day for only $15.

China has recently begun to industrialize, so she is willing to take as many production facilities as possible. China has now climbed to become a world power. In order to take control of our own economy, you, as the next president, can use your influence to make people want to come back to the US to produce their products and merchandise. An incentive could be that the government would pay the companies to move their production to the US. Another incentive would be that in moving production back into the US, people who are unemployed or new immigrants can work in production facilities in the US. This way, we can take control of our economy, take away our dependence on China's economy, decrease China's economic influence and pressure on the US.

The reason why I would like for our economy to be less dependent on other countries is because of the national debt that the US has. Our national debt is over $19.5 trillion. My generation has to pay this debt off because of the deficit spending that the previous generation used to recover from the Great Depression. If China is able to manipulate our economy, who knows how long paying off that debt will take. Then the Americans of my generation have to work even harder than we already are just to pay off something that our parents should have paid back. Help our generation have a chance at paying back the debt and give America a chance to become a world superpower but without a national debt. It all starts with taking control of our economy again.


Chris Wu
Period 3
US Government

San Marino High School

Period 2-3; US Government

San Marino High School, class of 2017.

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