JOHN G. California

Future President Essay

Plastic bags should be banned because they create havoc in the marine world.

Dear Future President,

Marine life is in danger because of our waste. It is mainly endangered because of non reusable plastic bags and other thick plastic items. This issue is important because marine life is dying. Some from being choked by plastic, others by eating the plastic and some die just because the water is contaminated and hard to live in. This shows how fragile marine life is and why we should stop using non reusable plastic items to help our marine life. 

Plastic soda rings and fishing line are a couple of the main things that cause harm to marine life. "So animals like elephant seals and humpback whales get caught in fishing wire and often die from starvation or deep wounds caused by it".( Some other items that animals like sea turtles mistake for authentic food are plastic soda rings,Bags,Styrofoam particles and plastic pellets. "These things clog the animals intestine and missing out on vital nutrients the turtles starve to death"( "Other animals like sea birds undergo a similar ordeal mistaking the pellets for fish eggs, small crabs, and other prey."(

A good way to stop this problem is to put a ban on plastic bag. "This law will also save the U.S. tens of millions of dollar in liter clean up costs."  ( This ban will stop people from dumping plastic bags into the ocean because there wont be any plastic bags to dump. People will start using reusable cloth bags to carry their items. Many sea animals get hurt by plastic bags, for example the sea turtle eats them because they think they are jellyfish and then starve to death because of proper nutrition loss. But this wont happen if we put a ban on plastic bags.

   Plastic endangers our marine life dramatically. This is why we should stop using non-reusable plastic items to help our marine life. Its important that we do this because many marine animals are dying from getting choked or starved over these things. I want the future president to put a ban on non-reusable plastics to make our world a better place.


                                                                                                                                         John Gentle


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