Mary Joy B. California

Improve my Education

I want to be able to have the future President of America acknowledge this letter to improve our education

Dear Mr./Ms. President,

Throughout the years, there were improvements towards transportation from having a horse and carriage into making the the first designed automobiles; and also improvements on industrialization for the rise of economic growth and investment. As new technologies have come into being and other advancements in the economy, there has not been much improvement towards the education of students. 

As soon as high school students go to college, they must pay a huge amount of college tuition, causing financial burdens on their parents' incomes. This makes many lower income students have to go to community colleges and transfer for a cheaper way to get to their dream colleges. Also, the new Common Core classes in both elementary and middle schools do not enhance some students' abilities to receive higher education and no one is able to stand out from their peers. I would like for you to make changes towards our education to benefit our future. I do not want to wake up everyday at seven in the morning and become a robot going through this cycle over and over again. I want to be able to enjoy the learning that I receive and be able to gain something out of it for my future goals that I will someday hope to achieve. I hope you would take this letter into consideration for me and other fellow students, as your future leaders of America.

Best Regards,

Mary Joy Barroga