Kevin C. California

Mass Incarceration

Mass incarceration destroys communities

October 16, 2016

Dear Future President,

Good day to you, I write today to inform you about what is going on that needs to resolved. In today’s society it has become filled with multiple problems that are being left behind and not settled with. Such as mass incarceration that is led to hurting many as a whole. African Americans and Hispanics are being placed under arrest with no further assistance to be given a second chance, this would help reduce the percentage of people of their social group in jail. With about 25% of the US’s population being jail it’s a matter of time until that percentage rises.

Mass incarceration as well leads to hurting the community. Many families are being torn apart because it’s usually fathers, mothers, or guardians being arrested because of problems they have. These families that are usually torn apart lead to create a family filled with members that follow in their footsteps and end up as their guardians. For example children are influenced by their role models and they follow the example set for them which is continue to act ungovernable. This comes back to needing assistance to build rehabilitation centers in which can reduce the amount of people being placed behind bars. These centers can help by letting people aware of their problems and giving them treatment to help give them a chance to turn their life around. In the end this needs to be put into action as soon as possible in order to reduce and not set a picture of a nation filled with prisoners.


Kevin C.