Elijah California

Immigration should be legal!

Immigration is a difficult topic to discuss and has been a central focus of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Dear Donald Trump,

Immigrants have been coming to America for over a thousand years. Typically, they think that our country is better than their former country. Immigration is good for this country because it means more tax revenue and they would speed up production by getting jobs.

Immigration is considered a problem to most people. To me, I feel like immigrants are people who are calling for help to start a better life.According to http://www.slate.com, most of the states in the US have Mexicans as their most popular legal immigrant. I think that immigration is not a bad thing, it’s just more people coming into our country. Some even say that, illegal immigration benefits the US through additional tax revenue. I think that immigration should be legal. There should be booths at all borders of the US to let people in. The people in the booth would check to see if they have any drugs, diseases, weapons, or are trying to smuggle stuff over the border.

People look to our country and see freedom, and who doesn’t want freedom? People who live in war-torn countries such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Pakistan look for places that are safe.Then there are people who come here from poor countries such as, Niger, Ethiopia, Burundi, Liberia, Gambia, Guinea, Malawi, Congo, Madagascar, and the Central African Republic who look for something to eat, somewhere to live, and jobs. All the people that live in these countries are suffering and we must do something. One thing we can do is let them into our country.

If immigration is made legal, we should give them certain things, depending on where they came from. If they came from poor, war-torn countries then we should give them a home, food, water, and money. This will help them get a new life started. If they come from countries that are stable and the people have money, we should just offer a discount on some houses to help them save money.

This problem should be addressed or at the very LEAST, be considered.

Sincerely, Elijah Gonzales - Quimby Oak Middle School

Lobo School of Innovation

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