Allen M. California

Gun Control

Gun control laws should be changed to lessen the amount of deaths a year.


Dear Future President/President Elect, 11/7/2016

My issue that I want you to change gun control laws. Reasons explaining why gun control should be changed are that people ignore them. People can also illegally purchase and sell guns. Minors are allowed to handle guns too in some states that belong to the U.S. Too many people use guns to kill other humans or kill themselves.

Many people that are not legally allowed to buy a gun can buy firearms from gun shops or from unlicensed gun dealers. Even though there are gun laws and you need a license to sell guns, that doesn’t stop people. They can sell them on the black market and nobody would know. The laws say that they require gun dealers to do background checks to sell a gun to a person, it does not apply to a “private seller”. In writer Michael Cooper, Michael S. Schmidt & Michael Luo wrote that in 2012, there was a shooting in Wisconsin, the shooter was not allowed to buy guns since he had a restraining order on him. But his still could buy a gun online and acquire a firearm from a “private” seller since it did not require a background check. Due to not checking the background of the man, three people which included his wife, got killed by her husband.(April 10, 2013)

According to, a person can go to a gun store and purchase a firearm as long as they are the right age and they have no crime record. In many states U.S. minors are allowed to purchase and use rifles and shotguns as long as they don’t conceal loaded ones. The legal age to actually carry a concealed and loaded gun is 21 in Arizona. California the state I come from, does not have a minimum age for possessing a gun, but there are still federal laws to owning one. While there are still restrictions on minors when they have a gun, I still do not like the idea of having underage people running around with real firearms. I believe that people should be at least 30 years of age to hold and use a gun.

Gun suicides. Every year, 15 out of 100,000 americans die from gun suicides. Banning assault weapons and saying how many bullets a gun contain does little effect. A person only needs one bullet in their gun to end their life. They could still illegally buy firearms from dealers to suicide. According to the New York Times(2015/10/9), most gun suicides are caused by mental illnesses. If we were to have all of the licensed dealers to check if they were mentally stable before they purchase a gun, that would lessen the deaths.

We should change the gun laws and make them more restricting to lessen the amount of deaths and fears. Right now there is no way to stop all gun deaths. Even if we restrict the amount of guns sold and have more background checks, there will still be shootings. But people can live in less fear of having robbers with guns and shooters. This is how we can start stopping gun shootings.


Allen Ma

Lobo School of Innovation San Jose, California.

P.S. I don’t really like how you think and what you do to people Mr. Trump. 

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