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Letters to the next president

I pull together some of my ideas and opinions on our next president as well as ask him questions.

19th October 2016

Dear Future President,

With the election coming up and me just turning 18, I've had some questions about who to vote for. There are many issues I'd like to discuss like immigration, abortion, gun policies, college cost,  pollution and poverty. I agree that welfare robs people of the opportunity to improve themselves, but some people really do need a little extra help sometimes just to get them back on their feet. I am a senior with a not so wealthy family so going to college is always a tough decision for my family because of such high prices. I think if you keep your word on lowering the college cost so students aren't just in debt I will vote for you. Mr.Trump your views on gun control make sense to me, allowing us to bear arms to help protect yourself from gang violence is a very good idea. Still allowing guns is a tough situation to discuss because guns can get in the wrong hands then we have a problem. If there was only a way to make it where you have to get a full background check before you can even touch a gun let alone own it. My mom has been a big fan of you even before the presidential election, she always said “he says it how it is that's why he would be perfect for president” and I trust my mom with everything so if she sees something in you then there must be something good. Just from what I've seen on social media and the internet it seems to me like you have a “short fuse” and are very snappy at people. The only reason I don't like that is because of war situations you may act on impulse, but I now know the president doesn't have power to send us to war that is us to congress. As I conclude this letter I will be studying the recent debates and do my own research on why you should be the next US president.


Zacorey Alynn Payne

Guthrie High School

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