Michelle D. California

The Enviroment

The problems in our environment are bigger than they seem.

Dear Future President, 

I believe that environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, and waste are very important. We cannot stall these problems anymore. I believe these are root problems that will have dyer consequences. The causes of our neglect are becoming more and more evident. We must preserve the Earth, not just for ourselves, but for our species and future generations. 

Global warming, not as obvious of a problem, will have major consequences. The rise in temperature from the greenhouse effect will result in stronger hurricanes, decrease in polar ice caps, rising sea levels, etc. Soon, the Earth will be covered in mostly water due to the melting of the North and South poles. 

Pollution in the air is already becoming an issue in various parts of the world. One major example is in China. The air in China is yellow from the soot and pollution from the factories and cars. It was proven that the air can kill the citizens who breathe it. Just imagine the animals who must breathe this and have no clue of the side effects. This shows how much we humans are so materialistic to the point where it overcomes the health of animals and humans. The United States also has a problem similar on a smaller scale, but we must prevent this from the start. 

Soon, we will run out of space to dump our waste. This is a problem because of the homes and land that will be destroyed just for our ignorance. And most of our waste cannot even be decomposed. Its very disgusting to think of a world full of waste and trash. 

There are solutions to these problems. We have a responsibility as a nation and to the world to build a place of prosperity and promise to our families and future generations. How can we do this when we cannot keep our one planet healthy? I just ask you to bring attention to these problems. Money should be the last of our concerns. We need to literally save the world. 


Michelle D.