Taylor H. Michigan

Dear Madam or Sir,

I address this letter about immigration in the United States. As you may know,there has been some problems about the topic of immigration, like what would happen to the people of our State and the people behind the border.

 My first immigration topic will be my opinion on how it will impact the children of immigrants, who may have come here without consent. I feel that it would be unfair towards them if they have to move away from their family. Due to their parents bringing them over to the United States. It’s not their fault for what has happened,nor did they have any say in the situation.They should have a say if they have the leave their family or not.

The United States should opt to have an open border policy. Saying that the border between them both. That anyone can come and go through the border at any given time,and they must become a legal citizen. This can be a good thing and a bad thing to us as well. It can be bad because,if people just come to the U.S. and aren’t legal citizen then they are in our country illegally. Tho, if they are responsible and they establish residency then they can be in this country like all of us.

Increasing the immigration will most likely bring both skilled and unskilled workers to the United States.Many countries have very hard workers,who are willing to work for their stay in the United States. Then there's the people who would rather just come and not work for anything.But, it will bring a new learning experience to our people to learn about new cultures and such. Like everything else, it all has it’s pro’s and con’s.

Therefore,I believe that immigrants should be allowed to move freely in the U.S. That is if they become legal citizens of the U.S. Allowing immigrants that are already in our country should be able to go about and live here freely.Saying that the immigrants should have a suitable living arrangement for them once they come here. Tho the immigrants,once in the U.S. must follow the rules as other citizens do here. 


Taylor H.

Ithaca Junior High School

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