MayMin K. Indiana


~ The Importantance of Immigration ~

Dear Future President,

   I want to discuss the importantance of immigration. If it weren't for immigration, you and I wouldn't be here. I've been in America for over 8 years. A lot of the people I'm friends with wouldn't be here if it weren't for immigration. My uncle's family would be separated if it weren't for immigration.

   I think that we should have a better security system. There are illegal immigrants but if there were better security, there wouldn't be as many of them. We could also keep track of everyone who enters the country. Every once in a while we should check if people have green cards.

   Others should care about immigration as well. Every one besides Native Americans are immigrants so you're an immigrant as well. Let's say that the wall actually happened. Your family could be on the other side,you'd basically never see them again.Would you allow yourself to be separated from them? 


                                                                                                MayMin from Indiana  :)