Melanie R. California

Putting A Stop To Racism

Racism is an important issue around the world and it needs to be stopped now.

   Putting A Stop To Racism

Dear Future President,

I believe that racism is wrong. Racism is a big problem around the world because people from different races are either bullied or treated badly because of their race.Some issues of racism are racism going through a promoted candidate , hatred groups, and being treated really badly. 

My first issue is about one promoted candidate who is against the Mexican culture. Some facts about this candidate is that he wants to build a wall around Mexico , and send all mexicans in California and then send them all back to mexico.One solution to this is to have a protest about not building a wall and also about not sending all mexicans back to mexico, if they didn’t even do anything to the person.

My second issue is about the hatred groups. In one article I read, it stated that the “SPL center also documented a rise in these groups because of Latino immigration.” Another fact about this issue is that there are at least 784 hate groups in the United States , which that is a big number but I believe that should also be stopped to. One solution to this is to have people talk to another race that they do not like,but both of those people have to come unarmed so they don’t hurt each other, and to not fight.They will also have to have a guard to make sure they don’t fight.

My last issue is about the people that are getting treated badly because of their race. Some facts about this issue is that police have treated people badly because of their race, and that other people have been called bad names also because of their race.One solution to this problem is to post posters around the area about what other people do to them and so other people can try helping those people.

In conclusion, I believe that racism in any state or country is wrong, and we need it to be stopped because people are getting hurt or bullied about their race.


Melanie Rodriguez

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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