Mohammad K. New York

Quality of the Educational System

We all hear in the news that education is getting better, but is it really? Shouldn’t all students be offered better educational opportunities? After all we are going to be your future government.

Dear Future President,

I hope you’re having a fine day. This is going to take a little of your time, but I hope you will read this, it is very important to me. I’d like to discuss our educational system. Parents think it is alright, when rating the American educational system. According to the latest Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup poll, 70% of our parents rate the educational system as an A or B. Statistics indicate 80% of Americans vote the education system as a C, D, or F. That means the majority of people dislike the educational system including me. This poor rating should not be, because there are 50 million students who are learning in this educational system in the USA. After all, we are going to be the future politicians of America.

There are many problems with our present American educational system, and here are just two examples. First off, although there are approximately 50 million students and 3 million teachers, a study by the National Center of Education Statistics says that 14% of schools around America are overcrowded while others have at least 30 students per class, like my own school. This is totally outrageous. Every student should have the opportunity to receive attention from the teacher. This is important for each student to enrich their knowledge in specific areas and hopefully become scholars. Needless to say this is very hard to do with overcrowded schools and classrooms.

Another problem with our educational system is that some of our schools are run down, preventing the latest technology to work properly. This is horrible because we are wasting a lot of our educational time at school waiting for our technology. An example of this is when we couldn’t do our online lesson at school because the computer was broken. So, we had to read for around 90 minutes, wasting our school time. This is very personal to me because I am an American student and I want to learn in an upgraded educational environment.

There are many problems with the education system but there are solutions. For example, more money needs to be invested into our educational system. Unfortunately this hasn’t been happening because states provide 44% of education funding and 34 states have been giving less money in past years, even though our economy is improving. I am strongly recommending that a law be enacted that every state has to contribute a minimum of X amount of dollars each year to schools. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot of money, I feel it should be more like the past, where states contributed more money than they have today. Besides it is not a bad thing to invest more money on students. By upgrading our educational system, students of America will have the opportunity to compete with other educational systems that are top rated such as Shanghai on the Programme for International Student Assessment scale. I know this will not go over very well but by extending the school year students will receive more educational opportunities.

One more suggestion is to possibly form a committee of students throughout the country. I know there are some states that already have committees. Therefore, I am suggesting that committees be set up in each state, so students can tell you about our concerns. Without question I would be honored to be a member of this committee. In conclusion, the educational system needs to be improved. And so, future President, myself and other Americans ask you to seriously focus on the improvement of our American educational system. Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings.

Sincerely a concerned student,

Mohammad K.


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NYC Lab Middle School

NYC Lab Middle School

Lab students have been painfully subjected to three debates where they searched for policy talk. Four and a half hours later.. Now, our students will have the chance to speak about an issue of importance and possibly make a recommendation for improvement.

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