Aliana t. Indiana


This letter talks about my problems at school

Dear future president,

The reason I care about this issue

I care about this issue because I am in school and I think it needs fixed.most schools have a lot of issues .A lot more people think this problem needs to be fixed to.If we have to go to school our problem needs fixed .

My school suggestions/options on this issue

Air conditioning is a issue at my school because every day in the summer time. A lot of students in my classes are complaining because they are hot.Sometimes they lie and say they are sick.Other times they make there selfs throw up so they can go home.why should they have to suffer.

Why should other care about this issue 

There's should care about this issue because they have to be hot.1 reason is that the school told us that they would get us air conditioning this year.The 2nd reason is that the kids are hot.3rd is that they do not know if people pass out if they get hot .4th is that they do not know if people's nose bleeds if they get to hot

Sincerely,Aliana Taylor

 Please coincided this for Miami middle school

From fortwayne indiana