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Education for minorities

Some ways we could improve education for minorities and every student.

Dear Future President,

I believe one of the core problems in America is the current education that minorities get. It has been shown that minority students get far better grades when integrated with with white schools because of their better funding, better teachers, and mostly better atmospheres. I suggest that you start a program to integrate minority/poor students into better funded schools. The United States is one of the worst countries in education, and only leads the world in highest incarcerated population. If we were to slowly integrate lower income families children, they would get better grades, get better jobs, and lead them out of poverty. Because of the higher income, it would also lead them to not commit violent crimes. Overall I believe this to be the best solution to getting a higher high school graduation number per year., and bringing the next generation of children out of poverty. It has also been shown that when you graduate from high school you are more likely to be successful financially.

Another issue i see in the United States is the general education and the lack of use much of it gets. When a child leaves school, they are completely unprepared for the world. In many cases, the schools don't teach you to write checks, pay your mortgage, or balance your finances. I believe schools should teach a mandatory class for these essential skills. i also think that you should be able to pick and choose your classes, based on what your talents are, and pick higher or lower courses depending on what you thrive in. For instance, you're very good at math and science, but are lacking in writing and history, you should be able to get higher classes for science and math, and classes more your speed in writing and history. You would also get to choose more optional classes like art, music, and PE, which most jobs don't require, but are still their for the people who are gifted in those classes.  This i believe would make the school experience much more pleasant for the average student.


Salvador, S

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Leaves of Learning

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