Jada M. Montana

College Tuition

The amount it costs to go to college she be reduced. Many people can't afford to further their education because of this cost.

Dear Future President,

There are many things in the United States that can be improved and changed for the better of our nation. But there is one thing that I would like to see change in and that is college costs. Now, I know what you are already thinking, “I can’t make college free!”. That is not what I am asking. All I am asking for is REDUCED costs in getting a college education.

Being a senior in high school, I am facing the challenge of finding a way to pay for college debt free. Most people would say that something like this is impossible. To me nothing should be impossible. I have learned that from my dad. He has always told me, “No matter what it is, it is possible. Just try”. I have took this phrase and applied it to everything. Whether it’s studying for a math test or passing all my classes with straight A’s or even in this case, finding a way to reduce the cost of college expenses. I think that what my dad said could help to motivate you to try really hard to make something like this possible because it CAN be done.

Now that I have applied and been accepted into MSUB, i’m finding that most of my money is going to be towards books, housing, and tuition. All of these costs can be reduced to make college more affordable. There should be a limit on the cost of books. Housing should be cheaper. I could go and rent my own apartment and it would be cheaper. The cost of out of state tuition should be the same as in state. Nobody should have to pay more to get an education when they are taking the same classes.

So many people are unable to further their education after high school because of the cost. Maybe they wanted to be a Doctor or a Lawyer but never got the chance because they didn’t have enough money. Because both of my parents worked hard to get the jobs that they have today and make a decent amount of money i’m not eligible for financial aid. Because I got a job at Mcdonald’s at the age of 14 and have been saving half of all of my paychecks I am not qualified for help financially.

By reducing the cost of college tuition many students would be able to come out of college debt free or with little debt. They could save all of their extra money that they would have been spending on college and using it to save up for a house or for renting an apartment. Not only will they be able to buy a house but in the long run when they don’t have to pay off their debt they could be putting some of their money back into the economy.

There are many ways that you could reduce college expenses. You could by creating a simple donation organization where people can donate money and then the organization could give the money to schools to split evenly between their students. There could be more programs that allow parent to start saving money when their child is born so that they could have money when they go off to college.

All that I ask is for you to think about all of the ways that our economy could benefit from making a change in the cost of an education. Changing something like this could help so many people make a difference and help modify the way people view america.

Thank you for your time,


Jada M.

Billings Public Library

TA - Billings, MT

TA - Billings, MT

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