Brendon L. Texas

Free College Education

People not getting enough education, causing them to have no jobs and money.

Dear future President of the United States,

Congratulations on winning the election! Imagine a world without free college education. People would be on the streets begging for money with barely any education to earn it for themselves. Constantly people being rejected to learn and go to college. If more people could go to college, then the unemployment rate would go down, the number of wealthy would increase and push America's economy higher, and it gives everyone freedom from debt.

The more people that go to college and get an education, the unemployment rate would go down more. The study shows Americans not being able to apply a job because of a lack of college education.¨This survey finds that one-third of Americans who lack a four-year college degree report that they have declined to apply for a job they felt they were qualified for, because that job required a bachelor’s degree.¨(The value of college education). People with lack of college education and a college degree can rarely find a job in the market. They are limited to jobs that only get paid a little amount of money because they don’t have the proper education.

If more people were able to go to college for free, that would mean that the percentage of wealthy people would increase and there would be less homeless people. “If college was free a higher standard of living would be possible and a bigger boom in economy; an example is the 1950s the standard of living was increased and we saw a thriving economy.”(College education). Their would be less people with no jobs, more people with a college degree, and people having average jobs to help their families. “If you don't complete high school, you can anticipate earning the least amount of any of the education levels. In 2011, a worker without a high school degree earned an average of $451 per week, this educational group earned a median annual salary of $21,000.”(Average salary). If you do not go to college you will not have enough money to pay off debts and you will not be wealthy. People need a college degree to pursue their dreams and get a better education.

If colleges were free, people would be free from debt. Isn't it wrong for you to pay for your own education? Study shows that "More student debt is associated with a higher likelihood of being “credit constrained”— that is, being unable to borrow money because of low credit scores or other factors. High levels of student debt are also associated with a greater likelihood of bankruptcy.The students are left paying for an education but are probably not receiving much, if any, of the return on investment that usually comes from a degree.”(Graduating with debt). Even though you get your education, you will be massively in debt from college. The more debt the student is in, the more stress they will have and it will affect their life. Instead of paying for your education, people should have to pay for expenses to live a good and successful.

Thank you President for using your time on reading this letter. Now imagine a world with a free college education. People would be living in houses and having a job. They now have the education they need to help and support their families. The more people that could go to college, then the unemployment rate would go down, the number of wealthy would increase and push America's economy higher, and it gives everyone freedom from debt. We people should not pay for our own education!

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