Gun Violence In The USA Vermont

Gun Violence In the USA

I wrote an essays and gave my friends and family a survey to take. Do you really know whats behind gun violence?

September 19, 2016

Dear Future President of the United States,

I think that you should pass a law that reduces gun violence. I believe that everyone that works outside of their houses should feel no danger. As president you need do something so citizens feel safe and protected! This is important to me because the United States of America is the number one country for gun violence and attacks with firearms. Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia claims that there are roughly 13,000 homicides every year. The states however, are unique.

Only some states such as Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, and New York, have gun restrictions. Unfortunately, other states have passed laws making it easier to have guns in schools. This is why we should have metal detectors and locks on doors to keep people out of schools and popular buildings with no protection because there have been 292 mass shootings in the world, and 90 of them occurred in America. This is evidence that having guns is so unsafe, because anyone can do anything with guns. As president you are responsible for gun related problems in the USA. For example, shootings. This is a problem because no one is doing a lot to help, and it’s still happening. America needs to come up with a solution.

What you should do is pass a law that helps eliminates gun violence. Ban illegal selling of guns. Back in 2013 Barack Obama tried to pass a law reducing the amount of magazines (ammo) allowed in your guns and ban the usage of assault weapons. Unfortunately the NRA found this to be an attack on citizens and fought back. The law never passed Congress. I think that you should try to pass another law.

To pass a law you need strong qualities. One quality you need to have is dedication. You need to have this quality because if you aren’t dedicated, how is your message going to get across? You have to bring it up in speeches. Events! One other quality you need to have is persuasiveness. You have to tell people some facts and information about this problem and change their minds from what they currently think. Set goals. Set goals for how you want to solve this problem. As President Obama said, “Gabby Giffords deserves a vote. The families of Newtown deserve a vote. The families of Aurora deserve a vote. The families of Oak Creek, and Tucson, and Blacksburg, and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence - they deserve a simple vote.”

Thank you for reading!