Christine C. Vermont

Gun Control

The country needs the laws to limit the uses of guns.

Dear future president,

The issue I really want to talk about is the gun control. Although I know you get many issues to work on, I still think you should work on this issue first, since the use of gun is one of the most essential and serious issues we face. Here are several reasons:

First, there are over 33,000 Americans' death relate to the guns. The criminals use the gun to kill the innocent people. Also, there is some people use the gun to suicide and guns were accidentally killed people sometimes. Besides, since we can't inhibit citizens to buy the gun, some people resell the gun in an illegal way to make huge profits. Those people don't care about how dangerous it will be if the terrorists get those guns. Last but not the least, there are many people can't control their emotions when they are using the guns. They just regard the gun as a tool to vent their anger, sad or dissatisfaction. This wrong understanding about the uses of guns cause many terrible results. 

In short, all those things I mention prove that we definitely need the forceful laws to limit the uses of guns. Thus, we can create a peaceful surrounding and ensure the personal safety under the protection of a forceful gun control law.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.


Christine Cai