Miao Lin Vermont

Global Warming

Global Warming cause lots of different issues, and we need to protect our environment, protect our Earth.

Dear Next President

Hi, Next President. I am very glad you can read this letter. I want to talk about global warming. Now we have more and more environmental issues, and lots of the problems caused by global warming. And it is very bad for the following parts.

First, global warming will cause the north pole ice melt, and it is very for the species in the Arctic, like polar bear and lots of other animals live in Arctic.

And also when the ice melt, the sea level will rise, and it will cause some deep city disappear. It is disaster!

Also the extra CO2 cause the global warming, CO2 is not bad, but human produce too much CO2, trees can not absorb the extra CO2, so it comes to the atmosphere, and cause a hole on atmosphere, so the sunlight comes directly into the surface of the Earth. It is bad for human and lots other species on the Earth.

In the end, because of the environment become worse and worse today, it will also cause the diseases of human, like some types of respiratory system’s diseases, if more and more people have disease, it is bad for economy, and also the happiness of people.

So, what can we do to prevent this problem, for example, we can use more electrical cars and public transportations, also we can use sun panel to produce energy that we need to use, also eat less meat is also good for environment too.

In common, we have lots of things to do in the future, and I trust you can lead us to a bright future.