Sherry Vermont

School education

We need to provide the diversity courses for students and spend money to support education.

Dear Future President,

     Hello, My name is Sherry. I’m a junior high school student study in America. I hope that you can improve high education. As a student in America, I think school need to add more activities and interesting courses for students. Also, government need give much support on it.

     Firstly, school can provide some interesting courses except math, history or English. Like economic, forensic medicine、craft lesson and so on. In order to this way, students can not only have time to learn something they like, but also won’t miss the major courses. Also, it’s a best way to rich their experienced and have a good material to prepare for the college. Also, government need to send some money to support the education. Some rural and remote areas don’t have enough teachers or even don’t have books for students to read. So government need to pay attention about that. Teenagers are the future of their country, so it’s necessarily to give kids the opportunity to study.

     As the future President, I think education is a very important topic in today society, we need to focus on that. The kids are desire to learn the knowledge now!Thank you for reading my letter and good luck on being the president of the United States.