Eddy Vermont

School start time

Schools start very early in the morning.

Dear president,

I'm a high school student. In my school, most students can't sleep before 11 p.m. because they need to finish their homework. However, schools start very early in the next day morning, and students can't get enough rest.

Usually, teenagers need more than 9 hours to sleep, but in most time we have only 6 hours for sleeping. Students can't focus during the day, some of them are like walking dead. They are getting lower grades, being unconfident and tired. More importantly, losing sleep is harming students health. If students can't get enough sleep, they may get sick.

Schools start early, thus the students can't get enough sleep. This is bad for their physical and mental health. I think this is  a serious issue, and hope some one can make a change.

Thank you for your time,