Kano Q. Vermont

Violence and women's right

Women's right should be protected. However, family violence always happened in our daily life. There are several suggestion of keeping female away from family violence.

Dear next president,

  The right for women should be take care. We should keep opinion that the right for women should be equaled to men's power. A lot of places that ignore women's power and people think that women are the tool of reproducing which is so ridiculous.

  First, we have to build the organization of protecting women. There are a lot of women who had sexual attack or violence attack by men. Some males think that female should follow them and females can't against them. It makes family violence happen. There are about 2.1 million females are attacked by males every year. Every day there are 3 females die because of males' violence. The data looks like so crazy and scared!The government should build organization to protect women. Don't make women in danger. The violence of family can not only make people hurt physically but also can make victims have psychological problems.

Then, I think government should have the organization of helping females who e attacked sexually or physically to have psychological treat. A lot of females who have this kind of accidents will have psychological problems so that it will influence their normal lives. Maybe they will use alcohol or narcotics to make them forget the accidents. However, it isn't treat and help them go out of the events. It is really important that prevent the accidents happen and how to help the victims to become physically and psychological health.

Finally, the government should make same rules for males who are addicted in violence females. The reason why males beat female is that they  may have some unsuccessful or pressured things.  It makes them feel bad so that they will find a way to release their madness. Beating females which makes men achieve the sense of achievement. The government can also provide organization for males to treat them or give males punishment when they beat women. It can stop family violence. 

These three condition and solution may give  tips for the women's right. 

Thank you,

Kano Q