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Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a big problem in the United States, so here are some solutions.

October 4, 2016

Drunk Driving: The problems and solutions

Dear future president of The United States,

Everyone on the road at night should be able to feel worryless.

As you know, Drunk Driving is a huge problem In the United States. According to, around 1.5 million drunk drivers are arrested annually. But that’s not everyone. Around 27 people are killed in one day due to intoxicated driving. That’s 9,855 US families losing a loved one every year, Just because someone had a little too much to drink.

By way of example, you should care about this because these are your citizens that are dying. If you just keep letting this happen, Not a lot of people will support you. This problem affects too many lives to be ignored. It can and must be fixed. If you don’t, then your citizens and other countries will think of you as a president that doesn't care about you’re people’s lives.

Considering I have convinced you to take action against Drunk driving, I have some solutions for you to consider. First, instead of just revoking a convict’s license, their vehicle should be immobilized. 50 to 75 percent of DUI convicts with revoked licenses will still drive. You

can also extend jail time and raise fee penalties. One less aggressive option is to extend the use of designated drivers. There could be a service in every state that is like a taxi service but only for intoxicated citizens.

Therefore, I am looking for a president that takes initiative, helps whenever needed, and does not ignore any request from US citizens. You can show us this by taking some of my and other citizen’s ideas into consideration and trying to apply them to the drunk driving epidemic.

As a final point, please help the United States of America become a better place to live.


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