Gary H. Vermont

Better education support

I think every students should have a very strong education support from school, because we are the future, without a very good education the future will be hard.

The things that should be support.

People without knowledge are like flowers without sunswine. Education is a key to open the future door, I think every students desire to have better educations, we are the future, so without education I don’t think the country will have a very good future.

First of all, more and more students choose to go to technical school in stand of collage. For instances, more and more students in high school don't have a very good education they don't have a very good scores and they said that they don't care about it. I think high schools should tell them or give them ideas what's gonna happen if they don't have a very good knowledges, maybe just show them what may happen, and let them know how important they are and they want to learn.

Secondly, students should have better food in school. For examples: people are like cars, without fuel they can work well. I heard a lot of complain about the food in school. Students don't like the food in school, and they don't get up eat breakfast or they always eat cup noodles, they are not healthy, and students will get weak, and get sick easily. The teachers always the food from the kitchen is healthy, nutritions. However, the food doesn't taste good or students get bored of the food because they have the same thing every week. People may say the school is a place to study, it's not a place to luxury, but I think have better food is not luxury.

Last but not least, for me, I always complain about I don't have enough time to sleep. It's hard to sleep late at night and weak up early in the morning. A lot of students miss breakfast in the morning or the class. Usually students in high school need 8-10 hours of sleep, I try to sleep in for 9 hours, and after a full day I still have some energy before I go to bed. I think what if every school start the first class at 8:30, it gives us enough time to sleep, and when we wake up we have time to clean up ourselves. We won't have a rough morning and find out I'm so hungry and I learned nothing.

 In sum, Education is the key to the future. Students should  have better life in high school.  The governments should care more about our education and life in school.


Gary Huang