Talulla Vermont

Furry Citizens

I believe that animals should be treated more like citizens. And here they are, being hurt, killed..

 Talulla A, 6th grade

Shelburne Community school

345 Harbor Road

Shelburne, VT 05408

The Future President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20500

September 30th, 2016

Dear Future President,

I believe that animals don’t deserve this cruelty that they are put through, and, I believe you can put in some effort to stop it.

My name is Talulla, and I’m a sixth grade girl that really cares about animals. Your job is to protect your citizens. Well, animals are citizens too, and we benefit from their empathy. Animals are far more intelligent than any human I can think of. Every 60 seconds, an animal is abused. By protecting animals from this cruelty, people can find them forever homes. Besides, having an animal actually helps with depression and anxiety. Well, animals are being abused, used, and hoarded. This is bad for animals AND humans. I really care about animals. Animals are oftentimes smarter and more empathetic than humans. I know this better than most people, having three dogs and a cat of my own. At that, all of them are rescues, our pug was a neglect abuse case, our Puerto rican puppy was born and found in a dumpster, our corgi was the pet of a criminal, our Boston terrier wasn’t in a very good home, and our cat belonged to people who thought the vet was a scam.. Yeah. That’s only a tiny fraction of the abuse that animals go through.

I’m not the only one who cares about animals, millions of people are appalled and infuriated by the cruelty and abuse some animals go through. You should be to. Most people think they are buying a puppy from a humane pet store. Well, sadly a lot of the time they are from puppy mills. The crowded, inhumane, place where business is held above the dog's well being. These are the intelligent creatures that have saved humans lives, and been there as people’s friends. For example, Brenda Owens was taking her pup Penny for a lunchtime walk along the shores in St. Ataph, Wales, when they noticed something unusual in the water: a wheelchair. Soon, they discovered an unresponsive woman bobbing nearby; not knowing what else to do, Owens ordered her pup to “fetch” Penny followed her order, dragging the woman back to safety. This is only one of the many, many examples. No wonder people like me are furious at their abuse, the animals didn’t do anything to deserve the forced fighting, cramped conditions, and cruelty.. People are mad about it, and if more awareness is raised the people abusing animals could be stopped. We could make it harder for people to abuse animals.

Pets aren't the only animals that are subjected to needless cruelty. Farm animals, too, are living in inhumane conditions. Right now, millions of farm animals are being raised in crowded, inhumane conditions. You, as president, could easily pass more laws on farm animal cruelty before being slaughtered. You could also help the government fund for great programs/people, like Hope for Paws(http://www.hopeforpaws.org/ ). And Vet Ranch(http://vetranch.org/). They protect, save, clean up, fix up, and let animals have their faith in humanity restored. I watch all of these channel and their amazing videos of the rescue of thousands of dogs, cats, turkeys, hedgehogs, pregnant horses, baby squirrels, etc.

In able to do this we need a strong, empathetic leader. If you have the guts to help these suffering furry citizens, then please, please do. We are your future voters, give us something to vote for. To help, you could pass more laws surrounding dog fighting and greyhound racing, and other issues related to animal abuse. “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we’d all be vegetarian” -says Paul McCartney. And it’s true. People are cruel. Not all people are cruel though, and you can be one of those people.

I really hope you take this into consideration.. Well, toodles!